Return Policy

1. Return & Exchange Period: Within 30 Business Days:

    You may return items purchased on within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. If the 30-day return window has passed, and your product is still under warranty, please contact us for warranty service.

2. Terms And Conditions of Return & Refund:

    Only the appliance that have been purchased directly from, Alpicool cannot accept returns of Alpicool cooler branded appliances purchased from other retailers or re-sellers. (if you bought the appliance from Amazon or Walmart, please contact its service).

   The purchased appliance must be in brand-new condition with original packaging and accessories.

    If the appliance is not working caused by non-human factors, please email us with order ID and a video of the product problem, we will review it and offer solutions as soon as possible once receiving the email.

3. Terms And Conditions of Exchange:

    We provide the 24-Month Free Replacement for all products purchase from,. That is to say, when the order delivered to your shipping address date starts for a 24-month free replacement.


1. Does the x40, x50 have an lg compressor? how long is the warranty?

No LG compressor 1 year whole machine warranty 3 year compressor warranty.

2. Does it work like a regular cooler when it is not plugged in?

It can stay cool for about 12 hours without being plugged in.

3. How loud is the compressor when running on Eco mode?

When you use the refrigerator in your car and plug it into a 120V socket, the noise is almost imperceptible!

4.Can i simultaneously have different temperatures between the freezer and refrigerator?

Dear customer, you can chose the Alpicool T series portable freezer, they have dual temperature control function in one refrigerator for your needs.

5.The CF45 was delivered upside-down, not sure how long the unit was upside-down. Will the unit still work properly?

If the box was undamaged, do not plug it in until after reading the instructions, inspecting it, and after sitting right side up for the minimum of 12 hours or following the instructions in the booklet included. Plugging a refrigeration unit in after moving it at angles over 45 degrees can burn out the compressor motor as the fluids have not settled. Settling takes time. Ours works great! came on a wheelbarrow, moved onto a ship, unboxed on end, sat unplugged in the chosen location for the required time, plugged in and set up according to instructions.

6. Will the fan/compressor turn off when the unit reaches set temp, and then turn on again when it gets too warm?

Yes that is how it operates. It cools to the set temp, warms up and repeats.

7. Photos of the C40 show the top openings from the ends and sides. Which way is accurate?

    You can switch the door opening to either direction with the already provided hinges.

8. Is it possible to replace the K18 with a 12v adapter?

    Yes, you can get AC/DC and 12V power cables online. Make sure the adapter fits Alpicool.

9. Just received unit and it will not turn on. control panel lit up, it beeped and shut off. no response from ac or dc. what is the issue?

  You have to hold the on button down for about 3-4 seconds. It won’t turn on by just touching the button.

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